Monday, October 6, 2014

Kenny Lessing Presents Real Time Super Traffic

Real Time Super Traffic ( is one of my Favorite Text Ad Exchanges, That I use and own. The little guy flying on the 600x300 promo banner is so cool. 5 Buck Banners did a great job for me!  This text ad exchange sends several kinds of advertisements to members of the site, right now over 1300 members.  All members are double OPT-in to accept mailed messages from the site, Making use a spam free ad exchange.  The Site Exchanges 3 different Banner Ads, 125x125 Sized Banners, Also known as a button banner, the Standard banner of 468x60 and a splash banner sized 600x300. The site serves members with free text links that can be posted daily, also in HTML color. Traffic links and Hot links, including PTC. PTC Links are when a member clicks the link to view your ad and they earn extra cash commission instead of credits. 

This site send mail to all its members, included are 15 different groups of network ads. These network ads send a solo email blast to many sites. Most groups send to 45-50 sites. Members reading the ads gets extra points or credits. Send to groups of 22000 to 48000 per mail sending.

Real Time Super Traffic Also Offers Promo Codes to its members. These code like the one I just made named blog is good for extra solos. All members that log in and got to the advertising page, they may enter the word blog and get 5 free extra membership solo mailings, plus banners and PTC Links. New members should use all the promo codes listed on the front page. 

The Site has a great downline builder of other really good web sites and traffic sites that you might want to join, so check it out and see the other sites. 

Please click - Kenny Lessing presents Real Time Super Traffic

Totally Super Way to bring Active Traffic to your Web Site or affiliate
Program! With Solo Ads to the Whole Membership Please Make sure you the
Promo Codes they will Supplier FREE ads! We have 15 Different Network
Ads to choose from!
Use promo code: Free
1 Solo, 1 Traffic Link, and 1 Banner!

Extra Code for 200 members only: 3ExtraSolos

(Please use both code for ads to be added)
First 2000 Members that join Get FREE JV Membership!
Super JV Members Earn 50 % of all Referral Clicks and Cash Earned!
Grand Opening OTO!
600x300 promo banner.

Thank you for reading today, please let me know if you need any help. - Kenny Lessing