Monday, April 27, 2015

Kenny Lessing's TAE Pro Rent is 2 Years Old!

WOW, it has been 2 Years Since I Opened

Over the last 2 years I have opened, I have been very pleased. The site is a full blow Text Ad Exchange as well as a Hub to rent one of 4 Kinds of traffic exchanges.

Members may sign up for free and get an instant ad package. They may place free ads on the site.  Most members come to the site for the web exchange rentals. As a Hub, I use several Domain Names to build the site rentals on. It helps on cost, but nearly every one of the 100 plus exchanges rented I made the images for, that also helps keep the site rent lower. Prices start at $3.49 a month and up. Sites that include network super solos are little more per month, but all sites are much cheaper to rent by the year.

Text Ad Exchange:

I have 2 kinds of text ad exchanges. The super JV exchange, an older script, I no longer use, but have limited sites for. For the most part most of Text ad exchanges are using the Real Time Text Ad Exchange Script. The Real Time Scripts are a lot easier to use then most of the other traffic exchange scripts on the market today being offered to people. We offer Text Ad Exchanges site with or with out network super solo ads, (network super solo ads are a email* - called solo ad* that is sent to a network ad sites connected) They also have banner ads, text links, and solo ads, instant mailer, referral mailer, viral mailer and a lot of other cool advertising.

Surf Ad Sites are powered by the Real Time Surf Script.

I have a simple surf ad exchange, Members view ads, and used the credits, to show the their site, the site also has banner ads (468x60 and 125x125 sized) and text links. Start pages and more. It is simple and admins love them, at 24 ads has shown been shown and about a year or so.

The Real Time Retro Ad Exchange is a simple traffic exchanges of just Solo Ads, Banner Ads, and Text Ad Links.  Some Retro Sites will have Network Ads Super Solos!

The Real Time Instant Mailer Sites are Sites that let members instantly mail the membership with credits. The site includes Banner Ads and Text Links.

TAE Pro Rent is 2 Years old!
Rent any 2 sites, get a 3rd one free.
Free site with Valid rent with the other 2 sites. Free site of same or less value.

Thanks for Reading!


Kenny Lessing's TAE Pro Rent - Surf - Solo - Text Ads and tons of Instant Traffic

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kenny Lessing Presents Super Solo Blast - NEW Traffic Exchange

Tuesday Morning I woke up with the idea of a new site. Buy Lunch Time I picked the same Super Solo Blast, and Luck had it, I was able to grab the name. After fight a few days with my FTP program, I had days of issues with the uploading  files of the last site I did, But got it fixed. So I try to change the name servers for the domain. The stupid thing would not change. The domain name peoples site was having issues and would not change the nameservers. So I left it and created the account on the server uploaded files, worked on the images and took a nap. I woke up and the site is not there. I was like what the %*$k????? REALLLLY???? The domain name servers decided to update and pointed to a different server, and all the editing was on the other, So I changed the nameservers back... waited hours and I have been working on it to this point.

The site is coming along really good. The images in place, I got a handy Video on the front page that looks great, check it out at the bottom of this page, 15 seconds.  The site is connected with 100's of traffic exchanges all along the world. There is right now 13 groups of nets work ads, and 2 more in the works. The site will not send any mail to the members other then admin mails or referral mails. All else will not send, this is also in the works, not fully complete., as I wait on my programmer to do these things for me. The site also has a Crazy Offer Page that is really cool. Members can use banners, text link and PTC links along with the super solos. There is a downline builder, 3 levels of memberships and more. All members sign up will get a free ad package and there is extra promo codes for the new members to use.

Well back to work on another day in my life.

I think the images are pretty good.

Kenny Lessing Presents Super Solo Blast

Kenny Lessing Presents Super Solo Blast